Be AL!VE...

... and Find Beauty Inside

Afraid. Guilty. Stuck. Inadequate. Unworthy. Failure. Stupid. Anger. Hate.

We all have experienced these feelings at one time or another, about ourselves and even others. Perhaps we have felt these things much too frequently. Do you feel that there is no way to escape these feelings? That, in life, there are times when you just HAVE to feel negative feelings? Or, maybe certain things happen in your life and you experience several negative feelings AND you feel that you deserve to feel these negative feelings? Yes, that is a big one. Often times, we say to ourselves, “Well, Self, you really messed this up. This IS your fault and these negatives feelings you are experiencing, well, YOU deserve them, because It. Is. Your. Fault.”

Revolution: A radical and pervasive change in society and the social structure, especially one made suddenly and often accompanied by violence.

This revolution is going to be nothing short of radical and pervasive! Rather than a revolution of the violent kind, we are going to create a revolution with love, peace, joy and happiness.

My friends, has it ever occurred to you that we all do things that make us scratch our heads and think, “Well, that was dumb.” What if I told you that there are no mistakes? What if I told you that everything truly does have a purpose? Maybe we will never know what that purpose is, but there is a purpose. If you think back on your life at the things that have happened that make you feel, “Wow, that was a crazy coincidence.” Yeah, no, there are no coincidences either. Whatever is happening, is happening just as it is supposed to unfold.

This IS real and if you truly embrace Finding Beauty Inside, you will discover, just as I have, that life really IS amazing. No, no, that is not it either. Amazing is actually an understatement to just how incredible your life truly can be if you allow it to happen.

Are you ready to start your Revolution?

Join me. Find Beauty Inside. Love yourself. Be Happy.

Start My Revolution!

What’s the biggest thing you’ll get from this?

Every class is unique – and every class is limited to 20 participants. The biggest thing I create right away is connection – connection with others who are experiencing similar feelings, just maybe around different obstacles. Based on these personal connections, the class really will be more like a support group. I’ve also created a secret Facebook group just for those 20 attending so when we are not together, there is a safe space to post trials and tribulations to receive support. Understanding that others are experiencing similar feelings helps us to feel “okay” with our situation. Besides, being on an amazing journey surrounded by love will create success!!


Who do I facilitate Be AL!VE for?

I facilitate the class for people who are struggling to achieve something really important to them – whether it be a job, a relationship, a business, whatever. The feelings we experience when we feel unable to achieve something are all the same. It is all about our own beliefs about ourselves, and acknowledging that we truly are the ones holding ourselves back.


Why are the results valuable?

I create a space that allows participants to break free from their old limiting beliefs, to forgive others and themselves for not being where they feel they should be in life, and to creating new beliefs that will allow them and lead them to the place they are so much wanting to get to! Participants will learn to look at things from a new perspective and appreciate everything about their lives!


Why am I doing this?

I felt stuck for 37 years, continuously searching for a happiness I began to believe didn’t exist. I lived a life where my exterior self (confident, beautiful, successful, accomplished, independent, high self esteem, kicking ass and taking names) did not match my interior self (weak-minded, unsuccessful, broken, unworthy, ugly, fat, dependent on others approval). The one thing missing – the key ingredient – was self-love. It’s amazing what can happen in your world once you really, truly, unconditionally love your own self! I now know that I AM a first class mother fucker that is filled with badassery and I ROCK every single day because I LOVE myself SO much!!

Are you ready to start your Revolution?

Join me. Find Beauty Inside. Love yourself. Be Happy.

Start My Revolution!