Join us for LOVE 2016

November 10 – 14, 2016

Held at:

Oceanside, CA

LOVE yourself through to the end of 2016. Often times we get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life and WE end up taking the backseat. Show yourself some LOVE by coming together with an extraordinary group of woman for four days. You will be surrounded with LOVE, you will gain clarity around your dreams, goals, desires, and you will understand how to have the best relationship with the most important person in your life, YOU.

While we will be learning the magic of LOVE, there will be plenty of time to enjoy the activities of San Diego, California; relax on the beach, read, book a massage, relax in the hot tub and do WHATEVER YOUR HEART DESIRES. Spend a weekend in beautiful San Diego, California growing, learning, relaxing and surrounding yourself with LOVE.

• Connect with a group of AMAZING, like minded woman who WANT to support YOU

• Take back your power and live a life of FREEDOM


• Embracing a mindset of Love – Giving & Receiving the Love you deserve

• Create relationships that serve your greatest good

• Shift your energy and develop exactly what you want in all relationships

• YOUR inner child wants to come out and explore creativity!

Breckenridge Resort

This house has 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 6-person outdoor hot tub, amazing kitchen, ocean views from the huge roof top deck, generous space and SO much more.  Check out the house at All meals and non-alcoholic beverages are included.  All outside activities are at the participants’ expense. Price listed is per person. If you do not want to share a bed, there is a futon and one rollaway bed in the private Music Room. If you do not want to share a room or a bed, you can purchase two spaces and have your own bedroom. Space is limited to a maximum of 14 women staying at the house.

Event Details

Guest Speakers

Sara Ann

“We are always only one decision away from changing our lives. Choose wisely and come ALIVE!”

Sara Ann is all too familiar with those words. For in a moment, she made one decision that did in fact change the course of her life forever. “The day I turned in my badge and watched one dream come to a close, to give life to an even bigger one was a life-altering, transformational day.”

Serving as an agent with the FBI was all Sara Ann knew for most of her life. What began as a childhood fantasy, became a 13-year reality that gave her every cutting edge resource to live life at the ultimate level. Learning the inner workings of the government, complex personal human behavior patterns, courage in the face of crime, the ability to charge ahead when all others retreat, years of gaining knowledge, skills and personal accomplishments that most will never know. It is with those credentials that she chose to share the LOVE and all she had come to realize about the true keys to human fulfillment with the world and build the foundation of the BE ALIVE REVOLUTION.

Her revolution is designed to guide every individual to discover the keys to true inner peace and happiness. Be Alive has catapulted her to success as an elite level international trainer via independent and corporate speaking engagements and her 6-week intensive workshops. And now, she has launched a world tour called, LOVE 2016 that has gone global and is centered around women embracing their true, unique and remarkable selves.

Sara Ann is a powerhouse, ready to connect and grow with every soul aching to truly BE ALIVE.

Ashley Sibille

Ashley’s mission in life is to create a life she loves by inspiring others to lead with their heart. As an international speaker and transformational adventure leader, she thrives on possibility, connection and transformation. She loves to access the moment and teach from that limitless place of universal truth. Ashley is embarking on a new journey in the form of a Podcast. It’s called The Heart of You & Me. It’s an exciting endeavor to highlight individuals who have reached great success by following their heart and doing what lights them up. She is on a quest to light up the world with people who are following their passion, which will then give courage to those who don’t know they can. Ashley brings this passion and excitement to every room she works in- to remind us all of our human potential that is first and always rooted in love. Ashley will be your guide to help you birth your unique gift unto the world.

Cecilia Acuna

Cecilia Acuna is joining us to help infuse a soulful and joyful experience in the energy realm.  Her own inward journey unearthed her ability to skillfully and playfully tune her energetic frequency into the frequency of her liking, then watched her life unfold in the most magnificent of ways.  She now understands just how capable we each are of training our energy bodies away from anything unwanted into the infinite supply of LOVE, joy, inspiration and anything desired.

Anella Wetter

Anella Wetter (M.Ed., RYT®, Relationship Coach) began her professional life as a high school English teacher in 1986 and, in 2016, she left a successful sales career with a global learning corporation to be an entrepreneur. At the heart of Anella’s work has always been her passion for teaching and learning. Anella is a speaker, a workshop leader,  a yoga teaches, and Relationship Coach. She teaches that self-knowledge is the most important way to stand fully in one’s personal power. Anella guides clients so they can shift their own energy to activate healing at a soul level.

Anella draws upon what she’s learned from her life’s relationships, which have been her greatest teachers. She is a mother of two, successful 20-something’s; a women who chose to exit a 22-year marriage and whose post-divorce 40’s included a series of ridiculous relationships, until she declared that she is worth having the man of her dreams (and she does!); a corporate sales manager who coached team members to achieve personal and professional success; a woman who has stepped into the full pursuit of deeply understanding her own, beautiful spirit.

Kathryn Eriksen

Kathryn Eriksen sees the world through a unique combination of logic, sensitivity and spirituality.

People frequently ask her, “How did you move from a litigation attorney to spiritual teacher?” She always laughs and admits that, “I desperately needed to learn what I now teach.

Kathryn’s work is focused on how to practice the art of Heart Dancing. Your life is a mirror of your inner world. Your thoughts, beliefs and emotions are reflected back to you in the physical world. In the cause and effect equation, you stand on the “cause” side, but you may not realize it.

Heart Dancing is the way to remember your power, harness your energy and dance with life (the practice of Heart Dancing is described in the book by the same title).

You know you have joined the Heart Dancing Tribe when you begin to create your own definition of success. As you begin to live it, your heart will sing and more of what you desire will naturally flow toward you. Your life will begin to feel magical, joyous and authentic, because you are listening to the music of your heart, not the messages from your mind.

Nicole Dicristofaro

As an Empowerment Coach and certified Best Year Yet™ Coach, Nicole provides dedicated accountability to inspire you in developing positive habits so that you are more successful in all areas of life.

With Nicole’s encouragement and “tough and tender” approach, she will challenge you to really understand who you truly are and what has been holding you back from actualizing the life you are worthy and deserving of having.

“Love and relationships are my passion” Nicole often shares when asked why she chose to be a coach. “The relationship we have with ourselves is pivotal to having healthy, growing relationships with others. I found my purpose through all of the failures that taught me so much about myself and I felt compelled to share this knowledge with the world. Our greatest teachers in life are the people with which we’ve loved and the pain that often comes with being vulnerable.”

Do you want someone who’ll be there for you to listen deeply and then help you recalibrate and focus to take positive action?

Nicole and her husband, Gabriel, currently reside in Denver, Colorado. Together, as a team, they actively pursue creating positive change in their community and around the world.

Lori Kelmar

Lori started out her career in training, sales and marketing. She loved connecting with others and the variety of people she came across. It wasn’t long however that it was affirmed within that her greatest passions besides creativity and expression, was depth in her connections. Lori went back for her Masters in her 30’s at Pacifica Graduate Institute near Montecito, CA , for Counseling Depth Psychology.   Lori had experienced the power of Expressive Arts therapy in her own personal healing and aligning work and knew she need to learn how to share the gift of using our natural state of being, ‘creative’ beings to experience, freedom of expression, self awareness, healing, transformation, empowerment, in a play, creative, safe container.

Lori believes each of us are by our authentic nature, creative beings. Lori believes and appreciates the work of Carl Jung and his belief that we have within ourselves all we need. The question is how can we uncover, discover the wisdom of what is within. Psyche’s first language is image, therefore as individuals and as a collective we identify and can more readily begin to better understand our emotions, beliefs, authentic desires, gifts and what is needing to be seen and healed to be our most authentic version of ourselves as we grow, expand and integrate who we are and our life experiences. Psyche is not linear nor is the work of expressive arts therapy.

Lori truly admires the courage of those open to their unique unfolding, respects the processes and the expressions with great reverence she holds a genuine love and appreciation for whatever images come forth to be seen and experienced. The images which come forth utilizing art mediums are the gifts and the messengers and always express more than words ever could.

No art experience necessary, in fact working in the beginners mindset is what is most helpful. Lori creates a safe container and space to assist in removing the inner critic, the perfectionistic judge that like to stifle our true nature- creativity.  It is in creation process that we find new perspectives, new solutions, find more awareness and insight to what lies within.  You will experience more freedom, openness and expansion in a fun playful and safe environment. Ah ha moments come often when you least expect. Focus is on the process rather than a final product.

Lori also utilizes ‘Sandtray’, a therapeutic modality which utilizes an variety of figurines (images) that represent various aspects of what is within.  A container of sand not only provides a sensory experience, but also is a stage so speak in which we can explore all aspects of your inner landscape.

Marci Maughan-Nettles

Marci Maughan-Nettles is a daughter of God, wife to Dondee Nettles and mother to their 4 beautiful children in an imperfectly perfect, blended family.

Marci is a former decorated Police Officer, where for 10 years she battled negative competition and inequality of women trying to fit into the men’s world of Law Enforcement. On August 7th, 2009 she was involved in a motor vehicle accident while on duty, that in a split second, took her career, identity, health and purpose. She was unprepared for the tragic nature and finality of the event. Through great opposition and struggles, she experienced great loss, physically, professionally, personally, emotionally and spiritually. As Destiny would have it, she was later Blessed with another shot at her Purpose and boldly leapt without hesitation.

Now, Marci has a HUGE desire to inspire and empower all women, to KNOW and understand they are ENOUGH! This was decided upon our creation. It is now our right to move into our true Purpose and potential by forgiving all, especially ourselves and choosing to look at life’s struggles as the true gift they are in forming us into who we can be!