About Sara Ann

I’m Sara Ann. I am 37 years old and I used to feel as though I have been through a lifetime of garbage, from abuse, to hurdles with work, to failed relationships and everything in between! I am a real life FBI agent. A number of years ago I went to college and got my B.S. (and just about everyone knows what BS is). From there, I got an M.S. (more of the same), and finally a Ph.D. (I piled it higher and deeper). In reality, I have my master degree in Forensic Psychology and I have my Ph.D. in Shitty Life Events. In July of 2014, I had hit the lowest of the lows, not believing that life could possibly get any worse. I like to say that I was trapped inside a never-ending black hole… until something remarkable happened.

My dear friend Maureen and I attended Jazz in the Park. Wow. I had never seen ANYONE any more in love with life than she had been that day. Never. Ever. It was amazing. She did not have one care in the world. She danced around that park as if she was in her living room and no one was watching. She was beaming with love and joy and happiness. I told her that whatever it was she was “on,” I desperately needed some!!

Maureen told me it was her “PIP High.” Her what? Then Maureen told me what PIP was – Possibilities in Paradise. It’s a semi-annual retreat, held every January and July in Key West, Florida. She said that everyone who attends the retreat comes away transformed… and that’s exactly what I needed.

In January 2015, I attended Possibilities in Paradise. Wow. Maureen wasn’t kidding. This event truly was life changing for me. Everything I learned hit me like a ton of bricks. I had so many AH-HA moments of clarity, inner peace and love. So much love. On the last day, I was guided through a visualization exercise which ended with each of us coming up with one word that described this place we ventured to during the visualization. My word was AL!VE. It had occurred to me that I had just been living my life and now, at that moment, I had Become AL!VE.

I created the Be AL!VE program in a matter of days because this is my passion, my true calling, my true purpose in life; to help others Be AL!VE. I have nothing but love in my heart for all of you. Come, Be AL!VE with me. Let’s create a Revolution of a Lifetime.